10 best free Escape Games for Windows 10 PC

10 best free Escape Games for Windows 10 PC

Every game has an intent. Some are to mimic warfare, some to learn, and some to test your skills. Escape games are a sub-genre of puzzle and trivia games, which is prominent enough to call for a mention of its own. Escape games are mentally challenging. They require the player to use their brains and find a way out of the location or situation.

Escape Games for Windows 10

Here's the list of the best escape games for Windows 10 available on the Microsoft Store:

1] Can You Escape 2:

The second version of Can Your Escape is clearly an improvement over its predecessor. The story is that the character intends to buy a house, and searches the web for the same. This gets him to contact a real estate agent who leads him to a house, which is a trap. The character needs to escape the house passing through each and every room. While playing the character, you would need to solve puzzles, break codes, and use logic to win. The game is available on the Microsoft Store here.

2] Hellgate Escape:

One of the darkest games in the series, Hellgate Escape introduces you to a realm where demons and devils rule. The gameplay mentions that no one has ever escaped this hell, which is, in turn, a challenge for the character of the story. The escape strategy is to solve the puzzles in the rooms, chambers, and the cemetery, and find your way out. The arenas are quite a variety of their own, which makes the game even more interesting. You could check more about the game on the Microsoft Store.

3] Can You Escape - Deluxe:

The 'Can You Escape - Deluxe' game is the version of the original 'Can You Escape'. While the gameplay is usual, solve puzzles and find your way out of the room, it has a lot more arenas than its rivals. The graphics aren't much of an improvement than its predecessor, however, the mysteries are pretty engaging. Get this amazing puzzle game from the Microsoft Store here.

4] Survivors:

The Quest: Unlike most other options in the list, Survivors: The Quest takes you out of rooms and into an island. The island is vast and you as the character are stuck there. What makes the game even more interesting is the added tasks. You need to cook food to survive, find treasure, collect tools and items, and brave through predators as you find your escape route. This game could be downloaded from the Microsoft Store here.

5] Escape City:

From the same publisher as Hellgate Escape, Escape City is a similar game, except that the arenas are based in a city instead of a mystical realm. The character dresses, cityscape, rooms, etc give a feel of the New York of the 1940s. You as the character assume the role of a rookie cop who needs to solve mysteries and catch members of a notorious gang. Add on to it that the gang has bribed local politicians which makes it even more difficult to catch them. If you like the story, grab the game from the Microsoft Store here.

6] Cops Vs Robbers Prison Escape:

If you are bored of the usual room escape games, try Cops Vs Robbers Prison Escape. This game has the most pathetic of graphics, worse than those 1990's brick games. Yes, it has an appeal no other option in this list has. The gameplay allows you to choose either the role of a convict or a cop, which means you either need to escape prison or prevent others from escaping it. The game is available on the Microsoft Store here.

7] Doomsday Escape:

Doomsday Escape has been set in a post-apocalyptic world. While not many people are alive, you are one of them. The gameplay involves finding food, resources, and other living members, and escaping the virtual hell. Check more about the game on the Microsoft Store.

8] Wild West Escape:

If you are looking for adventure in your escape games, Wild West Escape would be the best amongst these options. Set in an arena similar to the Texas of the 17th century, the game involves solving clues and moving forward towards your escape. You would encounter native Americans, mines, taverns, camps, etc. while finding your route to success. Download the game from the Microsoft Store here for free.

9] Amazing Breakout Game:

One of the most interesting of arenas for an escape game would be a museum, and that is exactly what they chose in Amazing Breakout Game. What makes a museum perfect for the cause is the fact that there is a lot more scope for mystery inducing elements inside it, which would need a lot of brainstorming. Get the game from the Microsoft Store here.

10] Psycho Escape:

The story of Psycho Escape is as follows: You are the character who gets a call from a psycho murderer who is also helping you with clues to escape. Locking yourself inside the room and calling the police won't help. To check more about the game, hop on to its page on the Microsoft Store.

Let us know which one was your favorite in the comments.

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