Are Razer Mouse Pads Worth It

Are Razer Mouse Pads Worth It
Mousepads add up to the precision and higher speed to the mouse. The constant movement of the mouse on the table also results in scratches and reduces the lifespan of sensors of the mouse. A mouse pad is not necessary to use unless and until your table has a glossy and highly reflective surface, but using a mousepad will surely be an add-on. Razer is well known for its quality gaming accessories. Razer also has introduced a range of mouse mats that are quite attractive and will surely change your perception regarding mouse pads. Razer mousepads are made while keeping gamers in mind, but their quality pleases normal PC users too. In this article today I am going to tell you about the quality of razer mousepads and whether you should buy them or not. Let's start:

Variety of Options in Razer Mousepads

Razer Mousepads are classified into Goliathus, ProGlide, Acari, Gigantus, Firefly, and Sphex. There are different mousepads under these ranges with variations in sizes, shapes, and features. These mouse mats have price ranges from $7 to $64 depending upon their features.

The good thing that I like in Razer mousemats is the material used on the bottom and upper surfaces. Not only this, but Razer also builds custom mousemats for you. Many other sellers are providing the same but getting this from a trusted brand like Razer is really worth consideration.

Are Razer Mouse Pads Worth It?

There are many reasons to buy Razer mousemats. Razer has earned the trust of lots of gaming enthusiasts by delivering quality in every product they have developed. Similarly, Mousepads from Razer have also met user expectations up to a great extent. Starting from 10 inches to 47 inches, the razer has covered all regular sizes in mousepads decorated with normal to premium features.

Be it Textured cloth surface, RGB lighting, Big sizes, or non-slip rubber bases, the razer has various mousepads with all these features. If you are looking for a budget-friendly slim, and flexible mousepad with better precision, you can go for Goliathus mobile. High-end gamers and PC enthusiasts looking for mousepads with broader dimensions and attractive RGB lights can check out Gigantus V2 range from the razer.

Starting from the Goliathus Range, each mousepad in this range has a smooth cloth textured surface that delivers better precision and comfort to your wrist as well as your hand. The non-slippy rubber base provides a grip that helps the mousepad to stay in a firm position. You can go for the basic one mobile edition just at $7.99 or Chroma edition with 16.8 million colors for the endmost gaming experience at $39.99.

Well, if you are not into gaming and looking for a razer mousepad for general office works, then Pro Glide is surely for you. A build-up of thick density rubber foam has a micro woven cloth surface with an anti-slipping rubber base. Placed at $9.99, Pro glide is often referred to as a Control pad due to its high degree of mouse sensitivity.

Razer Acari is a low friction mouse pad with high speed and gliding which are the first preferences for gamers. The build material is a hard oleophobic coating that ensures maximum accuracy and responsiveness. Priced at $59.99, Acari has a large surface area of 420mm x 320mm, which provides you the freedom to play games even at low DPI mouse settings. The Anti-Slip rubber base helps in the firm hold while quick flicking.

Razer Gigantus is a range of mousepads that attracts guys who are really serious about maintaining their PC setups. Available in different sizes, you can select one following your requirements. Gigantus mousepads are made up of high-density and thick rubber foam with an anti-slip rubber base. The textured micro-woven cloth surface ensures smooth working for all mice sensors with pixel-precise accuracy. The good thing about this range is that Razer also allows you to print your own designs on the mousepad with your gamer tag/name on it.

The next mousepad from Razer that has the eyes of users is Razer Firefly v2. FireFly v2 is not just a mat but a gadget in itself as it has a built-in cable catch. 19 different lighting zones in this mousepad can handle extensive RGB patterns. The optimized surface coating gives the perfect balance of speed and balance. With just 3mm of thickness, it becomes easy for the wrist to rest, and the anti-slip rubber base ensures zero movements of the pad during flicks.

Now coming to the main question if buying a Razer mousepad is really worth it? The answer is “Yes”, the Razer mousepads are really worth the money spent. This is the quality of material, freedom of selecting sizes, and durability of the mousepads. One thing worth mentioning is that some local stores will surely deliver mousepad with the same features at half the price of Razer, but those products become a showpiece with time.

I would suggest you decide your purpose before selecting a mousepad from Razer. Since mousepads on Razer are available in various ranges for different tasks, you should choose accordingly. Don't buy a gaming mousepad if you need a mousepad for your office work.

Features That Make A Better Mouse Pad

There are several features that you need to check out before buying a mouse pad to ensure quality:

The first thing that you need to check out is the sensor of your mouse. If you own an optical mouse, you can go for either a soft-material mousepad or hard material. But in laser mice, you need to have a mousepad made up of hard stuff as soft mousepads are prone to dirt which makes laser sensors a bit difficult to track.

Always go for a mouse pad with a good grip on your desk as some mouse pads tend to move along with your mouse during small movements, which becomes more irritating during serious gaming sessions.

Mousepads with both speed and surface friction are considered better ones as they deliver good tracking and nice flicking.

Polyester, Plastic, and Fabric are different materials used in mousepads. You can select one based on your personal preference. To be specific, cloth and plastic mousepads provide better gliding in a movement when compared to polyester mousepads. However, polyester mats are more durable. You can go for plastic mousepads if constant touch with soft material annoys you.

If you are looking to create a gaming environment, you can go for RGB mousepads, making your gaming setup more aggressive and attractive. You can go for mousepads with armrests for your general purposes, but such mousepads are not recommended for gaming sessions as they pave the way for discomfort.


Mousepads is not really a wide topic but still cannot be ignored. Razer mousepads are higher in cost, but the quality and features are surely worth the money spent. Don't forget to share this article with your friends who are looking to buy a razer mousepad.

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