Battle of Dragon Ring for Windows 10 - Gameplay & Review

Battle of Dragon Ring for Windows 10 - Gameplay & Review

The Battle of Dragon Ring is a strategy and role play game that lets you team with amazing fantastical characters to defeat the forces of evil. As far as fantasy strategy games go, the plot initially doesn't seem too ground-breaking. So, does Battle of Dragon Ring end up being just another high fantasy role-play game that looks and ends up being like a hundred others of its kind? Or, in its quest to defeat the forces of the Devil Dragon, does it end up becoming something far greater? Well, there is only one way to find out.

Battle of Dragon Ring game for Windows 10


The story begins a long, long time ago. There once was a Dragon, a Devil amongst its kinds, who lay dormant under the power of the Eternal Seal. Till one day a mysterious and deadly power coursed through the land and freed the Devil Dragon. And now there is only chaos.

People are killed in hundreds, the land itself is poisoned. The entire world is in the clutches of chaos. There is but only one hope. The Dragon Ring. It is the only thing powerful enough to seal the dragon again and drive the forces of chaos and evil from the land.

It is in such tumultuous that you pick up your weapons. You, as Fringe, have been entrusted with the Dragon Ring and now your village is in danger. The forces of evil are being drawn to your village by the power of the Dragon Ring and you must be willing and heroic enough to protect them. The way is shown by the wizened old grey wizard. He not only offers you advice but sometimes battles the evil forces alongside you. But he is not the only friend you have by your side. As you keep playing, you will unlock characters like the golden-haired elf prince. There are other characters to unlock further along in the game too.

Initially, you and your companions are meant to protect the village from the onslaught of the forces of the orcs. Once the orcs' leader is killed and the others disband and escape, you face your actual mission. You must take the Dragon Ring to the volcano where it was made. This is the only way to stop the Devil Dragon and its forces from destroying the village and the world. But the volcano is where the lair of the Devil Dragon is, which is why you will need to gear up and have your friends by your side as you travel right into the heart of evil.


When you are initially charged with protecting your village from the onslaught of the orcs, you are alone and weapons that leave you open to a lot of damage. But as you level up, you unlock several very cool characters. This includes the long, golden-haired elf prince who is fearsome and terrifying with his bow and arrow. You team up with him and a select other characters to defeat the forces of evil. The Elf Prince is a long-range character. You will also have the chance to unlock a few short range characters. You can arrange these characters in your team into formations that are best suited to combat situations. The long-range characters will attack the enemy with bows and arrows and other long-range weapons while the short-ranged ones will literally fight by your side as you take down orcs and dark knights. If you are lucky, the grey wizard will also be by your side to turn the orcs into sheep.

As you level up, you will unlock some weapons. But you will also receive a lot of cool things, like a cap made of wolf skin and a blueprint of mace, as part of your plunder. You can take weapon blueprints and other plans to the blacksmith and other village experts to turn them into reality. The grey wizard will give one such plan for hardy traveling boots that will come in handy as you take the Dragon Ring to the lair of the Devil Dragon.

Interact with different characters in your village and along your journey to unlock missions and gifts, like the daily checking in and the leveling up gifts. Let the grey wizard instruct and guide you on your adventure. And keep unlocking more features as you and your teammates level up. Gather archers, warriors, mages, and swordsmen by your side and fight to defeat the Devil itself.


Now it is time for the verdict. It is hard to miss the Tolkien references throughout the game, from the hobbit holes in the village, to the bow-toting elf prince and to the Dragon Ring itself. It plays like a proper Lord of the Rings tribute game. But is that all it is?

First, let's talk about the landscape. The surroundings are detailed and change as you travel and fight to reach the volcano. The character art is pretty amazing too. And while the fight scenes leave some room for improvement, the game is pretty fun to play.

Also, the game seems to have a lot of surprises in store. Teaming up with the grey wizard lets you turn orcs to sheep and you can use your plunders to actually build new weapons and armor.

But perhaps our favorite feature of the game is how it lets one strategize the positions and attacks of teammates according to the needs of battle. There is also a vast variety of enemies to fight, each with their own range of attack and defense techniques and you must react accordingly.

The only problems are the in-app purchases, without which you must wait for long hours before your energy recharges and you can play again.

All in all, this is a pretty fun game to play. For a free strategy game, it is as detailed and complicated as it gets. Download the game for free from the Microsoft store here.

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