Can't Record Right Now or There's nothing to record Windows 10 Game Bar errors

Can't Record Right Now or There's nothing to record Windows 10 Game Bar errors

If you see errors like errors like Can't record right now, Try again later, or There's nothing to record while trying to record a game on your Windows PC, here are some suggestions to troubleshoot the issue. If you often need to record games with excellent audio quality on Windows 10, you might have already used Game DVR which allows users to control how they want to record the game and take a screenshot on the go. Now if you have been such errors as mentioned above, you need to follow the following steps to fix this problem.

Can't Record Right Now Windows 10 Game Bar error

This problem mainly occurs when your PC cannot handle the Game Bar and Game DVR features - and this usually occurs when you do not have a high-end computer. If you have a good configuration but still face this problem, you may try these suggestions.

1] Reinstall Xbox app

If you have recently updated your computer, the Xbox installation files may have got corrupted or misconfigured. You need to reinstall the Xbox app. To do this, you need to open PowerShell with administrative privilege. To do so, press Win + X and select Windows PowerShell (Admin) and run the following command-

Get-AppxPackage *xboxapp* | Remove-AppxPackage

Now, open the Windows Store, search for Xbox app and install it.

You could also use our 10AppsManager to do the same.

2] Delete temporary files

This is quite important when you are facing issues with the recording. You should delete temporary files right after uninstalling the Xbox app so that all the leftovers can be deleted. To do this, open the Windows Settings app by pressing Win + I button and go to System > Storage > This PC. It takes a couple of seconds to show the Temporary files option. Click on it, select “Temporary files” and hit the Remove files button.

If you have recently updated your computer, you can also delete the “Previous version of Windows”.

3] Basic keyboard shortcuts

We press the Win+G to show the Game Bar and then start the recording. However, there are many games those block the Win key. If so, you may not be able to enable the Game Bar. In that case, you need to change the keyboard shortcut.

To do this, open Windows Settings panel and go to Gaming > Game bar > keyboard shortcuts. Select another keyboard shortcut that doesn't contain “Windows” button. Similarly, you need to change keyboard shortcuts of Start/Stop recording option as well.

Some people have claimed that thought the OS failed to show the Game Bar, the recording was going on after pressing Win + Alt + R keys. You can do the same before changing the keyboard shortcut. Your screen should flash once when you start recording.

4] Use full-screen mode

Although the Game Bar can determine the screen size you are playing the game on, it may sometimes fail to do that. If that happens, you will see the “Can't Record Right Now” error on your screen. Play the game in full-screen mode and see. Except for some poorly coded games, every modern game can adjust to any resolution.

5] Close Broadcast DVR server manually

If you have previously used the recording feature to record a game and have now opened another game to record it, there is a high chance that you may see this error message. In this case, you need to close the Broadcast DVR server manually. To do this, open Task Manager and switch to the Processes tab. Look for Broadcast DVR server. Select it and hit the End task button visible on the bottom-right corner. After that, restart your game and try recording again. You should not get the issue.

6] Use built-in Troubleshooter

Microsoft has included Troubleshooter in the Settings Panel > Update & Security > Troubleshoot page. By making use of these troubleshooters, you can fix various problems. Use the Windows Store Apps and see if that works for you.

Hope something here helps you fix the problem.

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