Edit and share game clips with Game DVR in Xbox app on Windows 10

Edit and share game clips with Game DVR in Xbox app on Windows 10

The Gaming community is discovering more ways to share their gameplay footage with others. Microsoft's Xbox One allows capturing a screenshot or record the last thirty seconds of gameplay as a video on Xbox app in Windows 10. We covered this method in our earlier post on how to use the hidden Game DVR Screen Recorder. Today, we see how to edit and share game clips with Game DVR (Game Bar) in the Xbox app on Windows 10.

Edit and share game clips with Game DVR

Ever since it was introduced, Xbox Game DVR feature on the Xbox One became an amazing tool for sharing gameplay moments with friends or the world. The only shortfall of this feature was limited recording time (5 minutes) of gameplay. Nevertheless, this shortfall only made the gaming community turn more innovative as they had to fit the whole amazing gameplay moment into a 5-minute long video.

This tutorial is divided into 3 sections. Each section serves as a prelude to final outcome leading to sharing of the game clips with Game DVR in the Xbox app on Windows 10.

Editing game clips

For creating a perfect gaming montage, it is essential to trim unwanted parts by editing the game clip. You can edit clips from your Xbox One or PC in your favorite video editor. You can also use the built-in Trim tool in the Xbox app if you just need to trim the beginning or end of a clip that focusses on the best moment.

You can then share your edited clips to your favorite social media, including Xbox Live through the Xbox app.

How to trim a game clip

Open the Xbox app, and select Game Bar.

(Note: Editing in the Xbox app is restricted to 'Trim' at this time, but it's useful if you just want to remove some parts - front and back to focus on one moment.

Proceeding further, choosing the clip you want to edit. You can choose from 'On this PC' or clips you 'Shared' from Xbox One.

If you chose a clip from 'Shared that you haven't downloaded yet, select Download. To shorten the clip, select Trim.

Move the left bar to trim length from the beginning, and the right bar to trim the end of the recording.

When done, hit the 'Save copy' button to finish.

Now, you need to add tags to the clip and rename it.

Adding tags and renaming the game clip On Xbox One

Game clips are originally named with the game title, the date, and the time so that you can quickly find it, but you can change the default settings such as the name before you share your clip with the community.

To do so, select the clip you want to rename first. Then, choose 'Rename' option.

Once done, enter the name you'd prefer and hit 'Enter' key.

Finally, you can share game clips and screenshots on Xbox Live and elsewhere.

Share game clips and screenshots on Xbox Live

To do this, go to the Xbox app and select Game Bar and choose 'On this PC' option.

When done, select the game clip or screenshot you want to share and hit 'Share' button.

Game clips of slightly longer duration (under 30 minutes) and screenshots of popular PC games and any game available through the Windows Store can be shared with Xbox Live. They aren't automatically uploaded from Windows 10.

When you share your content on Xbox Live, it checks the content uploaded for any violations of the Xbox Live Code of Conduct. So, there may be a slight delay before your clip or screenshot is visible to anyone else.

For sharing your captures on other social networks such as Facebook or Twitter or by email, you'll find all the files in the 'Captures' folder. From the Xbox app, select Open folder under the clip you want to share, and it will open File Explorer where that video is saved. Then, use the website or app for the social media network to share the clip or screenshot.

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To whom will your game clips be visible?

Game clips uploaded to your Activity feed on Xbox Live are visible to people on Xbox Live, depending on the privacy and online safety settings you have set for them.

Access your privacy & online safety settings.

Select the Privacy tab. Then, adjacent to 'See your game clips (Xbox One only)', select who you want to share with (Everybody or just your Friends) or Block others completely from seeing your game clips.

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