How to Install Brackets Code Editor 1.14 in Ubuntu

How to Install Brackets Code Editor 1.14 in Ubuntu
Brackets is a modern, lightweight, open-source, and multi-platform code editor crafted for web designers and front-end developers. This program was developed and continues to be maintained by Adobe, alongside many passionate open-source developers. Brackets is a blend of the source code editor and visual tools that help web designers to avoid disturbances that hamper their creative process. Some notable features of Brackets editor are as follows:

Bracket Editor can be installed in Ubuntu using various methods. This article shows you how to use various methods to install the Brackets Editor on your Ubuntu system.

Method 1: Install Brackets Editor via the Snap

The first and recommended method of installing Brackets is using snap. Execute the following command to download and install Brackets:

$ sudo snap install brackets --classic

The Brackets program can be viewed in Applications:

Open Brackets by clicking on the icon:

And, that is all there is to it! Brackets Editor has now been installed on your Ubuntu machine.

Method 2: Install Brackets Editor via the Ubuntu Software Center

The second method of installing the Bracket editor is using the Ubuntu Software Center. First, open the Software Center:

Click the Search button and search for “Brackets.” An unofficial package is available in the Software Center:

Click the Brackets icon and hit Install:

Once the download and installation have been completed, open Brackets from Applications:

Uninstall Brackets Editor from Ubuntu

If Brackets was installed using the first method, use the following command to delete it:

$ sudo snap remove brackets

If Brackets was installed using the Software Center, open the Ubuntu Software Center again. Click the Installed button, find the Brackets Editor app, and click Remove:

A prompt will appear; select Remove to continue the deletion process.

The Brackets application will now be removed/uninstalled from your device.

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