How to Install Fotoxx 20.19 - A Linux Photo Editor on Ubuntu 20.10

How to Install Fotoxx 20.19 - A Linux Photo Editor on Ubuntu 20.10
Fotoxx is an open-source, lightweight, easy to use, and fast photo editor that comes with a lot of powerful features that a photographer needs. It is different from typical photo editors because it is a solid photo manager as well. Fotoxx has made it easy to navigate, maintain, and edit the image collections. Let's have a look at some notable features of Fotoxx:

Let's check how to get it on your Ubuntu device.

How to Install Fotoxx 20.19 on Ubuntu 20.10:

To install Fotoxx on Ubuntu, first of all, you need to add its repository using the command mentioned below:

$sudo add-apt-repository ppa:dhor/myway

Press “Enter” to continue the process.

In the second step, update the packages list using:

$sudo apt update

The third step is to install Fotoxx, execute the command shown below:

$sudo apt install fotoxx

Fotoxx will be installed and can be viewed in applications:

Open it: It may give an error that can be seen in the image:

To do away with error, install “dcraw” using:

$sudo apt install dcraw

Fotoxx will open and normally work after installing “dcraw”:

How to uninstall Fotoxx 20.19 from Ubuntu 20.10:

To delete the Fotoxx photo editor, type the command mentioned below:

$sudo apt remove fotoxx

Press “Y/y” to continue the deletion process.

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