List of best free Windows 10 UWP Apps & Games in Microsoft Store

List of best free Windows 10 UWP Apps & Games in Microsoft Store

If you are on the search for some useful Microsoft Windows Store UWP apps for your Windows 10 PC, then this post lists multiple apps in most major categories. We have covered some of the best top apps here ranging over a wide range of categories, to make sure you get exactly what you are looking for. Because the right kind of app is going to make sure you get through your work effortlessly in this day and age. So, we have made it even easier for you now. We curated all the links to the best freeware lists and categorically segregated for Windows 10, so you won't be scrolling through tons of data.

Best Windows 10 apps in Microsoft Store

You can use CTRL+F and find exactly the category app list you need. We value your time, and we believe in listing the very best for you. We have sorted them all, from utility to entertainment apps and even games.

  1. Personalization apps
  2. Medical apps
  3. Food and Nutrition apps
  4. Dictionary and Thesaurus apps
  5. Calendar apps
  6. Live TV apps
  7. Fitness apps
  8. Dance apps
  9. Movie apps
  10. YouTube apps
  11. Social Media apps
  12. Yoga apps
  13. To-Do Lists apps
  14. Podcast apps
  15. Free-calling apps
  16. Learn to dance apps
  17. Home Design apps
  18. Banking and Investments apps
  19. Freelancers and Professionals
  20. Battery monitor apps.
  21. Apps to extract RAR files
  22. PC optimization apps
  23. Note-taking apps
  24. Calculator apps
  25. Compass apps
  26. Music apps.

1] Personalization apps

Believe me, when I say this, nobody wants a static app that doesn't understand the user. Neither do we want devices that don't let us personalize it to our tastes. This is where, more and more users turn to personalization apps, so their devices reflect their ideas, their tastes even down to the very color.

So, here are the best Personalization apps available for Windows 10 devices.

2] Medical apps

When it comes to medical emergencies having the edge over, it is almost like a mental first aid. To know where to go, self-diagnose a pain to explain to a doctor. Even more, if you are a medical professional, there are medical apps that get you through your work in no time.

So, if you need your medical do's and don'ts and to help you through medical school, this best Medical apps list is set to answer all your queries.

3] Food and Nutrition apps

Having your nutrition chart at the plan of your hand even though your hectic schedules or even travel, is something pretty useful. Especially, if you are set for a particular diet or even diabetic. Eating right is a task when you don't have your guidelines.

So, here is the list of best Food and Nutrition apps that are curated to help you through your nutrition and dietary lists. Never miss a meal anymore as per your diet.

4] Dictionary and Thesaurus apps

This list of apps is a very handy thing to have if you are in college. Or even in a profession that requires communication and writing. Maybe you would even want one before typing out a comment on a newsfeed. It doesn't really matter because language is something we apply almost everywhere. So, chances are you are going to be looking for a dictionary at some point.

Here are the best Dictionary and Thesaurus apps for your Windows 10.

5] Calendar apps

Calendars are no longer paper hanging down a runway hall. It is everywhere. On our devices too. And, if you like having your schedules on time and need to refer to your date-schedules a lot more than regular people around, then these best Calendar apps are curated precisely for you.

Find the one that suits you best then just pinpoint your schedules, so you don't miss a deadline again.

6] Live TV apps

Nobody likes to drag around a jukebox-shaped television anymore. Those wires and that old rusty stand for it is all gone. We have come a long way since television. We have brought the silver screen right to your devices. And, if you have a Windows generation PC chances are you would rather put your feet up and get all your favorite channels all under one app. Yes! App. Here are the best Live TV apps available for your convenience and comfort in 2019.

7] Fitness apps

Here is a shout out to all the fitness geeks out there. Fitness apps are aimed to help you keep to your work out regime and get your exercises done. It does something else too. It motivates you for a healthier lifestyle and works out and cardio sessions designed for your particular needs.

So, if you are looking for inspiration to get in shape today, here are the best Fitness apps available for your Windows PC.

8] Dance apps

Did you know that dancing is also a form of work out? Well, it also is one of the most sought after crafts in the world too. With so many forms of dancing, learning them is surely not easy. However, it is not impossible, and surely not when you have dancing apps with you for your Windows. Learn, improvise, and put on those dancing shoes with the best Dance apps on Windows today.

9] Movie apps

I one of those movie hoarders and freaks you get who will probably cancel plans just to curl up and binge-watch a whole series of Avengers. Or even, back to back World War 2 movies. A Movie App is going to ensure that you are on top of all the new releases and mainly, you witness the silver screen magic right at the comfort of your Windows device. So, here are the best Movie apps for you to have in 2019 form the Microsoft Store.

10] YouTube apps

If you are looking for the list of YouTube apps that not just innovate how to consume your entertainment but also makes it effective and least time consuming, whether download or even synching your likes and dislikes; This list of best YouTube apps are designed to help you make the very best of this gigantic platform of music, movies, videos, and entertainment.

11] Social Media apps

It is absolutely exhausting to check every social media account you have. So, why not let apps help you sort out the very unique and best ones that are meant exactly for you. Or just access all of your accounts on one device, in one app? That's where our compilation of the best Social Media apps is curated to assist your social media management in your daily life.

12] Yoga apps

The world has often turned to Yoga to teach them serenity, patience, medication, and healthy workout. Born out of the rich Indian heritage and doctrines, Yoga is almost like many say, your path to peace. And, if you have your schedule dot on time, then this list of the best Yoga apps is curated to help you find the workout and technique that suits you.

13] To-Do Lists apps

For all the times that we have made a task reminder on paper and have mistakenly thrown it out with the trash, the To-Do Lists Apps are there to the rescue. Generated and built to personalize your schedules and your work patterns, you can easily use these apps to never miss an appointment or deadline ever again. Find the best To-Do Lists apps here.

14] Podcast apps

Podcasts are the new Radio. Yes! There I have said it. But, another good thing about these channels is that it lets you follow, interact with people who are like-minded, and with the right podcast channel, you would be not just interacting but also educating yourself throughout. So, we have compiled the best Podcast apps for you to follow, download and interact with.

15] Free-calling apps

Yes! Skype is not the only king in town anymore in terms of Free Calling Apps. You have a wide range of apps with amazing offers and fun things to do. And, finding them on the Windows Store is easy enough too, thanks to our list of best Free Calling apps.

16] Learn to dance apps

If you like to couple amazing dancing with game levels then the list of the best Learn to Dance apps are set and curated exactly for you. Learn and break your high scores and share it with your friends and family.

17] Home Design apps

Microsoft Store has brought to you a collection of boutique home design apps that are geared to solve your interior color set confusions. You can pick and try the color and patterns you are looking for and show it to your interior designer.

18] Banking and Investments apps

If you looking for the list of best finance, banking or investments for Windows 10 available on the Microsoft Store, then these Banking and Investments apps will interest you.

19] Freelancers and Professionals

These free Microsoft Store apps for Freelancers and Professionals could save your time with petty jobs as well as those which could help keep you in the right mood while working alone.

20] Battery monitor apps

Here is the list of best Battery monitor, analytics & stats apps to check the battery, available on the Microsoft Store.

21] Apps to extract RAR files

You can extract RAR files on Windows 10 using these free Microsoft Store apps.

22] PC optimization apps

PC optimization apps help in monitoring the condition of the system and improving upon what is bad on the computer.

23] Note-taking apps

Here is a list of some of the best note-taking apps for Windows 10 available in Microsoft Store.

24] Calculator apps

Here is a list of some of the best free Calculator apps for Windows 10 which can help you do basic, advanced as well as scientific calculations.

25] Compass apps

List of some free Compass apps for your Windows 10 PC here.

26] Music apps

Here is a list of some of the best Music apps for Windows 10 which are available in the Windows Store.

Game apps for Windows 10 from Microsoft Store

When it comes to games, the Microsoft Store has outdone itself. What makes the Microsoft Store a cult favorite is their check and balance for fake and malicious games software. With a tight grip on security and only allowing the vest of games to be part of their store, you are bound to find any and everything. Choose from the list of games and their categories and discover a gaming world you thought never existed.

  1. Zombie games
  2. Music games
  3. Word games
  4. Action & Adventure games
  5. Escape games
  6. Family & Kids games
  7. Strategy games
  8. Platformer games
  9. RPG - Role-playing games
  10. Shooter games
  11. Card & Board games
  12. Racing games
  13. Tank-Warfare games
  14. Simulation games
  15. Basketball games
  16. Baseball game apps
  17. Fashion games
  18. Football games
  19. Scrabble games
  20. First-person shooter games
  21. Children's games
  22. Pinball games
  23. Puzzle and Trivia games
  24. Fantasy RPG Games
  25. Air Warfare games
  26. Stealth games
  27. Real-time tactics games
  28. Tower Defense Games.
  29. Hidden Object Games
  30. Sudoku
  31. Pirate games
  32. Math game apps
  33. Mountain Sports
  34. Free multiplayer games.

1] Zombie games

Starting from all kinds of graphics, Lego to Minecraft brick style, to 3D and 3D, you can find all kinds of Zombie Games in a post-apocalyptic world. Battle the evil zombies and conquer your territory today with the best Zombie games on Windows Store.

2] Music games

Who said you can't shake the world of the high score by playing Music Games. Find your unique tune and rhythm, follow the black and white tiles, and score the highest among your friends and family. Discover amazing new beats you never heard before. Here are the best Music games available right now for you.

3] Word games

Be a Grammar Nazi or just wanting to enhance your vocabulary, word games is the way to do it. Choose from all kinds of word games, Scrabble, Cross Words, Built the Word, and much more from the best Popular Word games available for your Windows generation PC.

4] Action & Adventure games

Very few things come close to the satisfaction of winning is a fierce 3D fun battle and managing to secure your land for your people again from mobsters and evil dictators or even warlords. So, to build on that exact thrill of yours here are the best Action & Adventure games right now to download from the Microsoft Store for your PC.

5] Escape games

Prison escape or even a tower escape who cares when you are overflowing the obstacles in front of you, building your very own strategy and storyline. There is a unique kind of satisfaction to get away untouched. So, here are the best Escape games for you to download in 2019, form the Microsoft Store.

6] Family & Kids games

Don't know what to this family night? Cousins coming over too? Well, here are the best Family and Kids games to organize your family night that ensures everyone's participation. Making it a time worth a million hearts and lots of fun.

7] Strategy games

One of the main reasons why strategy games are addictive is because they fuel the brain. They make you work out multiple outcomes and the best one through all the hurdles you face in the game levels. And, amazing graphics just make all of that hard work. So, discover the best Strategy games for you to tease your brain today.

8] Platformer games

Miss the Nintendo Mario Games? Well, now you have a shot at the very best of Platformer Games with exciting new levels and high scores to break. Discover the world with the best Platformer games on the Microsoft Store for you.

9] RPG - Role-playing games

What has not been said about Role Playing Games? They come with a full-on action-packed strategy and battle technique to you will find yourself in a lost world trying to write your storyline. The point being that RP Games never grow boring because there is always a level to discover. Find the best Role-Playing games for your Windows native PC now.

10] Shooter games

Looking to enhance those archery skills and regain your deserved place as an awarded shooter? Then practicing your aim with shooter games is not a new thing to you. Here are the best Shooter games for you to download from the Microsoft Store for your Windows suit PC.

11] Card & Board games

What is not to love about a rainy night, a good card game or a board game and some really good homemade coffee? Well, to begin with, nothing. Nothing can go wrong with a plan like that. So, if you are a hoarder of such games, find the best Card & Board games from our list here.

12] Racing games

If you haven't lost a heartbeat at almost making it to the finish line with Need for Speed seasons, then do you love video games at all? For all the racers and car and bike enthusiasts out there find an undiscovered world of the best Racing games available for your Windows PC suites right now to download and play.

13] Tank-Warfare games

Bring out the big boys and march through an army gate of enemies and retain your lost territory. That's the thrill Tank-Warfare games give you. So, if you are looking for these warfare battle games then find the best ones with our best Tank-Warfare games for your Windows PC.

14] Simulation games

Stimulation games, particularly are personalized games designed to understand your unique storyline. So steer the story any direction you want and discover amazing game universes with the best Stimulation games available on the Microsoft Store.

15] Basketball games

A shout to all the LeBron James in the making, and also everyone who loves making the loops worth it. If you are a basketball fan and can't get enough of it, then this list of the best Basketball games is set to fill your thrill for it on your Windows PC.

16] Baseball game apps

Babe Ruth or Ted Williams, Baseball has been the mark of sports for a very long time. No wonder so many video games love Baseball video games. So, here are the best Baseball games for you to play at the comfort of your home and Windows 10 PC.

17] Fashion games

There is something amazing in trying on every dress you have in your closet. Getting your avatar ready and experimenting with designer dresses means you can also use these tricks in real life. Here are the best Fashion games available for your Windows PC.

18] Football games

Okay FIFA freaks we are here with the best games listed for you. Amazing character changes and uses real-life techniques to score your goals with an amazing team. Or even play as your favorite footballer. Find the best Football games right here for your Windows PC on the Microsoft Store.

19] Scrabble games

There is something romantic about winning at scrabble. It makes you feel good and fill you with this sense of grammatical and vocabulary satisfaction that no other word game can give you. So, if you are a Scrabble addict like me, find the best Scrabble games for your Windows PC.

20] First-person shooter games

A very well designed storyline, amazing weapons and your eye on the enemy is all you need to make the best find of first-person shooting video games. And, here are the best First-person Shooter games for you to discover and master the craft of gaming right at the comfort of your Windows 10 PC.

21] Children's games

These days children's games are far past those dorky graphics and childish demeanor. Children's games are about learning and experiencing the virtual world that enhances their day to day skills. So, if you are looking for the best ones then find the best Children's games right here for you to see which suits your child best.

22] Pinball games

Pinball games are known for enhancing concentration and also a very exciting game strategy. Get your aim right and pin those balls to break through your high set score or even play with your friends and family. Here are the best Pinball games for you for your Windows PC.

23] Puzzle and Trivia games

Here is is the list of the most exciting and addictive Puzzle and Trivia games available on the Microsoft Store for Windows 10.

24] Fantasy RPG Games

The larger than life storylines, extraordinarily hyped graphics and unattainable moral stances that help your warriors win over the warlords is what makes these Fantasy RPG Games amazing.

25] Air Warfare games

These Air Warfare games all available on the Microsoft Store for free! So download them and start playing.

26] Stealth Games

Stealth games have been popular in the gaming market for quite long.

27] Real-time tactics games

Real-time tactic games are games that focus on known tactics to gain the upper hand in the play and win it.

28] Tower Defense Games

Tower Defense Games aren't fighting or shooting games, but strategy games, just like chess. Players need time to master the skill.

29] Hidden Object Games

Hidden Object Games are a special sub-niche of puzzle games that involve finding certain hidden objects from the image background.

The purpose of this article is to help you find the best UWP apps in their category. Just find your favorite category and discover games and apps built to be your companion and entertainment partner for a long time.

30] Sudoku games

Here are the top ten free Sudoku games available at the Microsoft Store.

31] Pirate games

Here is a list of our favorite pirate games available for Windows 10 PC

32] Math game  apps

Here are some Math game apps that will help your child enjoy the subject.

33] Mountain Sports

Here are 10 free mountain sports games for Windows 10. Enjoy the thrill from the safety of your couch.

34] Free multiplayer games

Here's a list of free multiplayer games available in the Microsoft Store for Windows 10 to play with friends from home.

Let us know in the comments section which ones caught your attention.

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