Microsoft Treasure Hunt, an addictive free new puzzle adventure game for Windows 8

Microsoft Treasure Hunt, an addictive free new puzzle adventure game for Windows 8

In the gaming world what seems to be cutting-edge today is rendered obsolete in the blink of an eye. Despite this, traditional games like Solitaire, Minesweeper and others have managed to hold their ground firmly and still found installed on latest machines running Windows 8.1. The company now intends to extend this goodwill via a new game - Microsoft Treasure Hunt.

Microsoft Treasure Hunt

Microsoft Treasure Hunt game is a classic Puzzle Gaming with exciting new features built upon the addictive gameplay offered by Minesweeper. The game claims to introduce a fresh approach, that aims to make you spend even more time at your Windows PC. The gameplay hosts complex system of paths or tunnels in the center of the earth where it is easy to get lost while completing adventurous search for gold.

A gamer has to mark suspicious terrain and plan his moves carefully to uncover tools, weapons, and even hidden bonus levels filled with loot. So, while you explore, do not give any nook or cranny a miss in your search for tools, weapons and hidden bonus levels full of loot. Collect as many gold to buy supplies and upgrades for your journey deep underground.

Your journey starts by undertaking the role of a daring explorer who has embarked on dangerous quest to amass wealth while making sure to escape alive from a series of twisted labyrinths.

Each labyrinth is unique and packed with lots of deadly traps and monsters. You have to beat the monsters and avoid traps in your path to complete the adventurous journey alive. An assortment of tools helps you overcome the obstacles more easily. For example, using a pickaxe you can remove dirt and boulders while a map could help you uncover all the traps around you and mark/locate your destination.

The expedition that will take you underground in short, is replete with a wide variety of puzzles combined with the clever tool usage and an addictive gameplay, a title you shouldn't give a miss.

Microsoft Treasure Hunt Features

  1. Blends traditional Minesweeper puzzle solving with an exhilarating underground adventure
  2. Find hidden bonus levels loaded with treasure
  3. Stop at the Greedy Mummy Shop to purchase supplies and permanent upgrades
  4. Pick up and play anywhere - games are saved in the cloud
  5. Touch screen controls provide a modern, fun way to play
  6. Connect with your Xbox account to earn achievements and track stats
  7. Compete with your friends on the leaderboards

The size of the game is approximately 47.0 MB and it can be downloaded from the Windows Store.

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