Best Fantasy RPG Games for Windows 10 on the Microsoft Store

Best Fantasy RPG Games for Windows 10 on the Microsoft Store

When it comes to fantasy games, one of the best things about them is the graphics. The larger than life storylines, extraordinarily hyped graphics and unattainable moral stances that help your warriors win over the warlords, is what makes Fantasy or RPG or Role Playing Games amazing.

Fantasy RPG Games for Windows 10

The fact that we are getting them for free makes it all the more worth our times. If you are the geek looking to win an entire Inter-Galatia war between aliens and your days are about to get busier with this list.

Find all the best and top rated fantasy games available on the Microsoft Store below. They are free, the graphics are set to blow your mind, and the storylines are set to take you an enchanted world of warlords and fairy dust.

  1. Dungeon Hunter 4
  2. Delight Games
  3. Alice in Wonderland
  4. Fantasy Journey Match 3 Game
  5. Doodle Kingdom
  6. Illyriad
  7. Fantasy Island
  8. Order & Chaos Duels
  9. Battle Odyssey
  10. Doom and Destiny.

Without further delay here are the best fantasy games available on Microsoft Store right now for you to download:

1] Dungeon Hunter 4

A massively well-written storyline for RPG fantasy gamers, Dungeon Hunter 4 is set to let you become the only hope for your people in this enchanted world. You can choose from 4 different classes and combat styles. As you keep advancing, you can upgrade your battle skills too.

Customize and craft your warlord battle with this game. Absolutely free to download, your search for an engaging fantasy game ends right here. Get it from here.

2] Delight Games

If you are into interactive novels, then the collection of Delight Games is geared to bring about a new gaming experience in RPG games for you in the fantasy genre. You can choose to be anybody, even a high school student stuck in a zombie apocalypse.

So, here is Delight Games an archive full of interactive fantasy novels for you to play with. Download it from here.

3] Alice in Wonderland

Based out of the famous fairy tale Alice in Wonderland, have you ever wished to accompany Alice on her amazing adventures? Well, then this is exactly where your search ends. Alice in Wonderland has a unique set of adventures awaiting you.

Just open every chapter and break your highest score with her in finding all the hidden items. Download it for free from the Microsoft Store right here.

4] Fantasy Journey Match 3 Game

When it comes to fantasy matching of jewels, then this Fantasy Journey Match 3 Game is set to keep you busy through all those lazy Saturdays. No matter where you are, you can get this game for free on your Windows device and simply swap right and left to match all the unique fantasy jewels and break your high score.

Get it from here for free.

5] Doodle Kingdom

From the creators of the famed Doodle God & Doodle Devil, you have another fantasy brain teaser that lets you battle dragons, warlords, kingdoms, and castles. No matter how busy you are this game is set to make its way to your daily recreation time.

Download it for free from the Microsoft Store.

6] Illyriad

If you are a Game of Thrones fan then this epic storyline in building your own city, at your space is going to keep you hooked on to this game. Illyriad - MMO Grand Strategy is all about strategy and playing with wit in building your most powerful city in the empire and storyline.

It is absolutely free, and you can download it from here.

7] Fantasy Island

Explore, expand and play offline too, with this Fantasy Island game that lets you build your powerful magic island. Unlock potions and gifts every day to share with your friends and family. Build your own friend base to help you break your high scores.

Download it for free from here.

8] Order & Chaos Duels

Fight off Zepar the ancient demon and trade cards to reach every level and playoff on a wonderful and forceful fantasy world. You can soar through many levels of adventures and twisted evil regimes and battle them to be the best.

Get it here for free.

9] Battle Odyssey

You get to recruit 500+ allies to help you battle against evil. Collect them all and find your best heroes to help you break your high score. Unleash your army of allies and take over the magical world.

Very easy to play and amazing user navigation with excellent graphics. You are sure to spend all your time here. Download it for free from here.

10] Doom and Destiny

Doom and Destiny Free is set to bring you 25 hours of unimaginable fun, 200+ skills that let you defeat the 300+ enemies with 500+ plus items. No need to pay a penny to finish the game either. Explore the world of more than 700 locations and unleash the superpower of your Spaghetti Monster too.

Download it from here for free.


Microsoft Store has never ceased to surprise gamers with amazing fantasy world games, and now you have the best ones listed above. Just download and forget the rest. Break high scores, challenge friends and explore the unknown worlds as a warlord or even a hero.

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