Best free Beach Games for Windows 10

Best free Beach Games for Windows 10

There are two types of adventurists in the world, mountain lovers and beach lovers. But everybody likes the ocean and beach experience at home when you don't get to go on an actual tour. Of course, it only works if you enjoy video game simulations on your smartphone or PC.

Best Beach Video Games for Windows 10

Since you might not be able to visit the beach anytime you want to, try playing beach video games for the experience. Here is a list of some of the best free fun Beach video games for Windows 10 PC.

  1. Beach Buggy Racing
  2. Camper Van Beach Resort
  3. Beach Quad Bike Racing 3D
  4. Tropical Beach Bingo World
  5. Beach Head Defence
  6. Tropical Paradise Town Island
  7. Bird Mini Golf 2: Beach Fun
  8. Vacation Island
  9. Beach Food Court
  10. My Baby Babsy at the Beach.

If that's what you are looking for, here is the list of the best beach games for Windows 10 that you can find on the Microsoft Store:

1] Beach Buggy Racing

If you are looking for a fun beach game where you ride cars like dune buggies, and monster trucks, try Beach Buggy Racing. The game has six different modes and 15 different race tracks. Beach Buggy Racing is perfect for kids. It has numerous animal figures, no violence, and a lot of fun. Download the game here and enjoy all modes and features for free. The game features exciting power-ups like Fireball, Dodgeball Frenzy, and Oil Slick.

2] Camper Van Beach Resort

Camper Van Beach Resort is a unique parking lot game. The game involves parking cars and boats on a beach area to qualify through the levels. It sounds easy until you try your hands at the game. Do you think it's no big deal? Download it here and give it a try. You will probably not start like a pro, but that's what makes it interesting. Read more about the game on the Microsoft Store here.

3] Beach Quad Bike Racing 3D

What comes to mind when you think “Fun on the beach”? ATV Quad bikes, of course, among other things. The Beach Quad Bike Racing 3D game is all about Quad bike racing. It is quite unlike the usual racing games since you need to maneuver off-road on the sand. Try this amazing game from the Microsoft Store and upgrade your bike as you advance through the levels. The purpose of the game is to maintain speed as you turn on the sand.

4] Tropical Beach Bingo World

This game can be played as a single-player or as a multiplayer from players across the world. If you like Bingo and the beach, this is the game you should pick. There are tournaments, bingo slot machines, multiplayer challenges, and more. Everything is free. All you need to do is download the app from the Microsoft Store and enjoy the Tropical Bingo Party with high definition graphics.

5] Beach Head Defence

This is a First Person Shooter game in a beach setting. It is not ideal for children. Teenagers and adults can enjoy the violent action. The good thing is, you are taking down terrorists. You are the good folks here. Find this game on the Microsoft Store and enjoy the realistic high definition graphics. You must try this one if you are tired of lame shootout games where the enemy is barely fighting back. This game gets more challenging and exciting at every level.

6] Tropical Paradise Town Island

If you want a beach simulation game that you can enjoy on your smartphone, PC, as well as on hub, try Tropical Paradise: Town Island. Download this game from here if you want to build a fantasy village on a tropical island. There are multiple cities and towns for you to build. They are all for free. Be the best fantasy architect any town has ever had. Make a village on the beach and eventually turn it into an advanced metropolis.

7] Bird Mini Golf 2: Beach Fun

You must've already played many golf and mini-golf games on your PC or mobile phone. It is now time for a twist. Let's get birds involved! The birds don't have golf clubs. They use slingshots to launch themselves! Does that sound like a good idea? Then download the app right here. You get to play on four different courses. There are fun fruits to collect. This game is perfect for kids and childish adults.

8] Vacation Island

This Stark Apps Game has been quite popular since its release in 2014. You get to design the island of your dreams and send explorers all over the world. The best part about this game is that you can also play it in the offline mode. Download the game from the Microsoft Store for free. Explore mini-games, collect destinations to explore, renovate your islands, and receive free gifts every day!

9] Beach Food Court

Beach Food Court is a fun game available at the Microsoft Store. It offers you the virtual but almost realistic experience of managing the Sunrise Vista Resort. Help Emily run the resort perfectly so that tourists love you. Throw summer parties, cook exotic dishes, and cater to the tourists. This is not only a good pastime. It will help children develop management skills if you allow them to maneuver through the challenges on their own.

10] My Baby Babsy at the Beach

The name itself suggests this game is meant for tiny tots. Do you have a baby you need to keep occupied? Download this vibrant beach game right here. This game is very animated. Your child will enjoy the voice interaction and the dress-up sessions. This game will surely keep your baby happy for a long time.

For all the beach theme lovers, these are the topmost diverse and fun beach games you can play for free.

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